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So, today I came across a post in “the originals” tag. The post was made more for fun, I guess, but I couldn’t put the thought out of my mind. The post was written by reviewscentral. Post was basically about Davina being Klaus’ and Hayley’s child aka Klayley’s child, who jumped the time from the future back in the present. You can read the post here -> x.

Now, I rewatched the episode earlier and I’ve noticed some things. I talked about it with my friend a bit more and we came to various conclusions. So, I thought I would share it with you.

I think there were plenty of clues in this episode, so let me show them to you. Might be something, might be nothing.

Let’s start with looks. Davina is kind of looking like a mix of Klaus and Hayley - she does resembles them - especially Hayley. She is very young to be on that show, meaning - to fit in that environment  - like we heard Rebekah saying,  Davina is 16 years old, at most.

Now… let’s go to the clues from the episode 1x02. If you want, you can go check the minute 33:22 to see it for yourself, but I made screenshots for you. They zoomed these four things.

First they are zooming Davina’s painting/drawing accessories.


Who draws? Who paints? Who’s an artist? Yes… KLAUS.

Then they zoom on a painting of a man. This could be Klaus.


After that, they zoom on a picture that looks freakishly like Hayley.


The last painting is a painting of a girl. Probably 9 years old or so. She could be Davina.


I asked myself… why are the paintings more or less faceless? Maybe she can’t remember them. Maybe the memory is just vague, foggy. Why would they make that effort of zooming those pictures if they weren’t something important?

But there’s more! Davina is a powerful witch… but not only a witch, she is something more, as Rebekah said. She’s more powerful than an Original. She could be a mix of three - a vampire, a werewolf and a witch, or maybe something entirely new.

It’s well known that Esther - Klaus’ mother - was a powerful witch, the originals would be witches as well, if they hadn’t been turned into vampires/hybrid. Klaus carries the gene for witches.

Now… let’s go on. You know what Marcel said, when Rebekah woke up after Davina’s attack. Let me write it down:

Rebekah: “Is this my old room?”

Marcel: “It’s mine now!”
"Just like this town is mine…” …………… WAS THEIR TOWN
Davina is mine…”  ……………………….THEIR DAUGHTER
“… and Elijah is mine until I feel like giving him back.” …. THEIR BROTHER

I think you can see the pattern here. He took everything from them! From Mikaelsons.

Now another small detail I’ve noticed. You know how Klaus named Marcel after god - Mars. Guess what… Davina means “godlike”. Very Klaus-ish, I’d say.

And one last thing. Davina Claire is the only main character without a last name. My guess… she is probably Davina Claire Mikaelson.

So, that’s it… there might be more, but that’s what I found in this episode. Might be funny, might be wrong, might be true. Like I said, I’m just putting it out there for you.

What do you think?

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